About Us

Gamesnash was launched in October 2007 and we have grown steadily ever since. Originally established as an independent online retailer we now operate Gamesnash.ie (online game sales) as well as operate Gamesnash Live venues (our high street presence in the form of family friendly gaming and party centres)

We were and still are gamers ourselves. We saw a gap in the Irish gaming market for an Irish owned and operated business.

What we saw was that there was a huge difference between the prices of high street stores and the larger internet retailers. Gamers had a choice, either to pay the higher price in a shop and have the game there and then or to pay a much lower price on the internet but wait up to two weeks for delivery. Gamesnash has positioned itself as an online retailer shipping from Ireland so that we offer a cheaper price than the bricks and mortar stores but our customers can expect a much shorter delivery time. This can be as short as one working day. More importantly with pre orders in particular because we ship from Ireland BEFORE release day our customers are likely to receive their pre ordered games on the morning of release – no midnight queues and a healthy saving too.

We were originally dismissed by the Irish gaming industry as having no chance to survive but we are still here and still growing! We have grown our reputation as an excellent customer service provider whilst introducing Europe’s first online trade in facility where gamers can trade in their games like they would in a bricks and mortar store. We allow gamers to trade in their games and get credit to use against online prices making us number one for overall trade in value !

Our prices include VAT where applicable. We have been asked why do we not base yourself in Jersey etc and provide VAT free prices. The simple answer to this is that we are quite proud to be Irish, we are proud to be based in and shipping from Ireland and the majority of our business is based on offering the best and fastest service to Irish customers. If we were based in Jersey etc we would have no choice but to offer the same standard service and delivery times as our competitors. Being based in and shipping from Ireland means that we can offer the best service and delivery times possible to our Irish customers.

We also welcome customers from other European countries and approx 15% of our business is with customers from outside of Ireland. These customers come to us not only for our prices but also the personal service we give. We have a policy here of not using standard template emails to reply to our customers. All queries are answered on an individual basis and we will literally bend over backwards to help our customers. We believe in being 100% honest with our customers – ask us anything and expect a clear and transparent answer with no bull - if we make a mistake we will put our hands up to it and rectify it.

It is very common for companies to claim to be number one in customer service but there is only a handful of companies who go out and live up to it. We are one of those companies.!