Trade In Policy

Please note sending of any games to us for trading in is subject to the terms and conditions below.

We accept games tradeins on the following consoles only: Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Nintendo DS / 3DS, Nintendo Wii,  PSP. and PS Vita. We accept trade ins from all European countries. Sample trade in prices are available throughout the site. These prices assume that the disc is in good condition, the manual and cover are present and that the game is an original European PAL version. We do accept trade ins of imported games but because their resale value is lower the credit we can offer is also lower.

You have two options when trading into Gamesnash.

1) You email us your list of games, the condition of each disc and we will reply by email with what your games are worth.  We can only accept discs that are in good condition. Discs that are heavily scratched will not be accepted for trade in. If your manual is missing please state this too. If your game is imported please state this as your trade in value will be effected. Once we receive your list we will email you back an exact quotation within one working day.
Once accepted all you have to do is post your game(s) to us using the information provided in the quotation. Your quotation will include a postal allowance to cover the cost of standard An Post postage. Customers can choose to register their parcels if they wish but our contribution will cover standard rates as detailed below. Upon receipt, verification of the information given in the quotation request and testing of the game(s) we will email a gift voucher code which can be redeemed at our site and your account credited with the agreed amount. This credit can be used to pay for or part pay for anything on the site. Games that fail our testing process or are not as described will be held by us until a revised amount is agreed between us and you or until we are paid an amount to cover our shipping cost back to you plus a €10.00 handling charge to cover our costs in testing same. Examples of this include if a game is imported and this has not been stated on the form, the game is a classic or platinum title, the disk condition is not as described etc.

2) Alternatively you can browse the site to see what your games are worth directly. The most popular traded in games are quoted in the main trade in area and on the product information page itself.

Simply post your game(s) to us at:

Gamesnash Trade In Department
Navan Road
Co. Meath

You can send any game(s) you want to us (even if a value is not quoted on the site) and we will allocate the current trade in value for that game to you on the day we receive your package. You must enclose your email address within the package as we will mail you directly with the credit and redemption instrucutions. The credit allocated will take into account the disc condition, presence of manual / cover and origin of the game.
Prices quoted on the site assume that the disc is in good condition, the manual and cover are present and that the game is an original European PAL version.  Your credit will also include a postal allowance for sending the games to us. Full details of the postal allowances offered can be read below. If you are not happy with the credit allocated to you we will send the games back to you upon payment to us of the relevant shipping cost back to you plus a €10.00 handling charge.

We will not accept any responsibillity for items damaged or lost in the post. Such occurences are extremely rare but can be avoided if you choose to pay for registered postage when posting your game(s) in. Our contribution will only cover standard postage.

Our value guarantee:

We guarantee to offer a better value transaction than on the high street.When trading in a game the customer should look at the overall bottom line of the deal. Our guarantee to you is simple: If you trade in a game(s) here towards any item(s) on our site you will pay less in cash than you would for the equivalent transaction at any of our top four high street competitors. Should you find a better value transaction elsewhere send us the details and once verified we will match and beat that deal. The details should include the game(s) being traded in and the item being purchased with the games involved, the retail price of that item and the store / location. We will match any regular trade in quotation for immediate purchase of another item in any of the following stores, Xtravision. Smyths or Gamestop. The comparable trade must be available to be carried out by the general public / verified as being available in the nearest store to our location - currently Blanchardstown shopping centre, Dublin 15. We will pay the postal costs as normal when matching the offer and the cash value of the transaction will be the cash value of the transaction  less postal allowance as detailed below.

This guarantee does not apply to special trade in offers / promotions. However we will match any offer / promotion from any of these retailers but will not be in a position to offer a postal allowance on top of this.

Postal Allowances:

The following postal allowances for standard games apply for option 2 above and for postal charges where a trade in does not proceed.

1 Game - Large Envelope Rate €1.50
2 Games - Packet Rate <250g €3.00
3/4 Games - Packet Rate <500g €4.00
5/6 Games - Parcel Rate <1KG €6.50
7-10 Games -
Parcel Rate <1.5KG €7.50
11-14 Games - Parcel Rate <2KG €9.00
15-18 Games - Parcel Rate <3KG €10.00
Each additonal set of 5 games €1.00 extra

Bulky Items will be quoted for seperately - do not send bulky items without obtaining a quotation first.

If a customer pays more than this - for example if incorrect packaging / pricing is used allocating the items to a higher band at the post office we will not be liable for the difference. The above rates are available through An Post.